Brazil v Uruguay in London Arsenal Stadium [r]
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The Doctor
2018-11-16 20:31:00 UTC
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Interest that Neymar can get offside frequently.
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2018-11-17 00:06:48 UTC
Post by The Doctor
0 - 0 21'
Interest that Neymar can get offside frequently.
Full time 1-0 to Brasil, Neymar scored the winner from a penalty kick on the
75th minute. The call was bogus - while Laxalt indeed fouled Danilo, play
should already have been stopped due to a handball by the later. Can't comment
on the game since I only watched from the goal onwards, but what little I
saw was in accordance with what I read about the rest, a tough, hard-fought

This was Neymar's 60th goal for Brasil, he's still fourth on the all-time
scorers list, behind Zico (66), Ronaldo (67) and Pelé (95).

Both sides fielded what seemed to be full-strenght lineups (or something
as close to it as they could atm). My main interest in this game was to see
how Martín Silva would perform, as Muslera has been withdrawn from the squad
due to injury, but El Maestro Tabarez fielded Martín Campaña instead. An
understandable decision, maybe Silva's recent poor form has costed him, or
maybe Tabarez is already looking to give Campaña more mileage. Campaña is 29,
which is young for a goalkeeper, and this was his second start for Uruguay.
Silva (11 caps, including WCQ's and its playoffs) is already 35, which is not
really "old" for the position, but without as much mileage left.

First time this derby is played away from the American continent. Indeed, I
think this is only the second time it is played away from South America,
the other occasion being the 1970 World Cup semifinal in Mexico. Also, while
Brasil has been playing Argentina quite often (a few years ago they even
ressurrected the old Copa Roca and rebranded it as "Superclasico de las
Americas", indeed October's friendly was its 2018 edition), this is the first
Brasil vs Uruguay friendly since 1995. Time to bring back Copa Rio Branco? :-)

Brasil's last friendly this year will be against Cameroon, on Nov 20th. This
will be Tite's first game against an African opponent. Brasil's defense also
kept its good record in 2018 - 12 clean sheets in 14 games, and a total of
three goals conceded. Of course, those were all World Cup goals, one to
Switzerland and the two by Belgium that spelled the end of the road in Russia.
The team still looks solid, even if one may always see room for improvement.
And, obviously, friendlies such as these are way more useful for that than
sparring matches against El Salvador or Saudi Arabia, all due respect.

As for Uruguay, they too play in Nov 20th, France in Saint-Denis, for a rematch
of the World Cup quarterfinal. This loss to Brasil was their third in a row,
after two defeats in the Far East in October (to South Korea and Japan).
Tabarez has been giving playing time to players such as De Arrascaeta, Betancourt,
Valverde and Torreira. He couldn't count with Godín and Coates this time around
due to injury, so the defenders for these games are quite young, excepting
Martín Cáceres and Diego Laxalt. On paper, Uruguay is still a good team and
certainly seems more organized than Argentina. Tabarez will certainly be hoping
that when Copa America rolls around they'll be prepared to pull off results again.